Thursday, September 3, 2009

Don't get busted!

Some of you may object to this video I'm posting because it seems to concentrate on people who "have something to hide" (and everybody that knows me, knows that I'm a flag-waving law-and-order nut), but there is information here that can help everybody. How many of us haven't been stopped by a police officer who is a total jerk? Sure, most of them (many of them, anyway, I hope) are just trying to do their job, trying to keep us safe, but I have run into a few that have treated me, a sweet(ish), innocent (mostly), old(ish) lady like a bank robbing, drug addicted low life. Those are the ones that make me nervous, and make me want to share this video.

It's long, so I would suggest hitting "play" and then pause it and go shopping or something. When you get back and have some time, watch it. I'm not suggesting that you have anything to hide, any more than I have, but things can go wrong and we could "get busted" for something innocent and unintended, like that old bottle of Xanax we inherited from our late mother that we have been saving for an emergency (not that I have anything like that locked in my medicine chest). (OK, OK, before everybody wants me to share, I don't have it anymore, but I did for a while!)

Besides, even though I don't necessarily believe (yet) that the land I love is turning into a socialist police state, we need to know our rights and try to preserve them whenever we can. A month or so ago, I transported a loaded pistol across state lines under the front seat of my car. It was inside a case that I didn't open, I didn't know it was loaded, and I was just returning it to my brother who had inadvertently left it with my nephew, but I later found out that if my car had been searched, I could have been in trouble. I now know that I don't really have to fear something like that happening. It's just good to know.